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About Us

The hidden partner that puts your business in the foreground
The world has changed, big spending does not always win you business

Our aim is to build brands that people love, that cultivate affinity, loyalty and brand advocates with minimum spend

By establishing a clear identity for your brand, creating a compelling message that resonates with your target market, interacting with your customers and communicating with new audiences, we will bring increased visibility and relevance to your online presence; leveraging multiple streams of media and content rather than spend.

A digital media team & marketing resource that’s typically beyond the reach of many small businesses

For less than one salary, Hidden Media is your new, comprehensive digital media marketing team

Few small or medium businesses can justify employing a graphic designer, web developer, copywriter and digital marketing specialists, but without this expertise, they struggle to compete and keep up in the constantly evolving online environment.


We have wide experience working across international media, events and ecommerce, with a particular focus on the outdoors and activities sectors, with our most recent projects including a major re-brand for one of the oldest names in yacht supplies & chandlery, a new life for a multi-million pound passenger boat company and the launch of a major equestrian e-commerce retail business.

A small digital media team with big reach

Key Team Members

team dom

Digital & Content Marketing

Dominic Coutts

Agile website developer & digital content marketeer spearheading new media with AOL, Time Warner, IPC & CNN. Pioneering viral marketing & automated business solutions to cultivate organic growth.


Brand & Business Developer

Matthew Harvey

Progressive business & brand developer carving market share for new enterprise. The vanguard for eBay UK, Time INC, UBS & The Met Office to establish dominance in new market sectors.

team josh

Graphic & Technical Design

Josh Brooks

Creative genius, curating unique, memorable & distinctive designs that express brand values & identity. Adobe expert working cross-platform to develop for digital & print environments.

Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.

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